Microsoft Teams Error - Recording isn't on Recording could not be started

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Has anyone see anything similar to this when trying to Start Recording while using Teams?  Tried to Start Recording throughout the meeting and kept getting the same error.  Haven't had this problem before.  Is there a limitation to how many people that can be on in order to record?

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Hi @shenton975 


At a time only one user can start the Teams Meeting Recording. There is a limitation on who can record the meeting. Office 365 Admin can restrict the individual user level who can record the teams meeting? 


All depends on the policies. This could be one of the issue wherein the recording could not get started. I have face this once wherein the recording of the meeting didn't started. But after that it works seamlessly for me on the recording standpoint.


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Satish U

Hi @shenton975 


Did you face this issue between 27th March and 28th March. There was some incident which I noticed wherein the users were unable to start the recording into the Teams Meeting. It has been reported to Microsoft and Microsoft Operations has fixed the issue from the backend,


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Satish U

Hi @Satish2805
We had one user report this issue in our tenant April 2nd. After finding your post I asked him to check for updates in Teams and he was able to successfully record. Thank you!


@shenton975   Faced the same issue today. Couldn't start the recording. 

@shenton975 We just had this happen for a user. Checked the Teams recording functionality was working and the global Teams meeting policy attached to the user allowed recording which it did. In the end signing out of Teams and back in fixed it. We've noticed that happens quite a lot.