Microsoft Teams error code 80070583, no new emails

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One of our team members desktop Teams and Outlook are not working. Teams logged her out and is showing the Error Code-80070583 and her Outlook emails have not updated since yesterday. The web version of both of these applications is working but the desktop versions are not. Do you know how we can fix this? We have uninstalled and reinstalled both applications. Also, they are updated with the most current versions. 

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Hello @Alisha1090  I found a couple of posts on the answers site with various suggestions to try (do you have the latest version of Teams?):


Error Code 80070008 - Cannot Log Into Microsoft Teams on Desktop - Microsoft Community


Teams not starting - Microsoft Community

I will look at these but yes we have the latest version of teams @Therese_Solimeno 

Hi @Alisha1090 ,


if the web access works just fine, this reminds me that could be an issue with sign in credentials.


Try to check if you have saved credentials and remove or disconnect. If you have any they should be listed under Access work or school. Start > Settings > Accounts > Access work or School.