Microsoft Teams Error al crear una reunion desde microsot outlook 2019

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Cuando quiero programar una reunion desde Outlook 2019 Licencia individual me da este mensaje


"No se pudo programar la Reunión, intentelo mas tarde"

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Are you member of any guerst tenants`? If so, make sure to log into your own tenant in the Teams client first, then restart Outlook and try again

Ya he iniciado sesion en Microsoft Teams con la misma cuenta de Microsoft Outlook, pero el mensaje es el mismo.


Hola @RsbSoft  There is a prior post in the community that addressed this issue.  Here is the resolution for the user from that post - maybe it will help you as well:


For me, the issue was the latest Windows update was causing an issue. Once I paused my updates and uninstalled the latest cumulative update (which was KB4501371 at the time).


Other colleagues found that logging out of Teams + Outlook and logging back into them over and over also solved the issue. I hope this helps!


Here is the link to the original thread: