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We love Teams! The Wiki tabs are great and allow us to track so many things like team meeting agendas or weekly goal updates. Each time you add a new one it goes all the way to the bottom, we are about to start year 3 of working at home and using Teams heavily so the lists are getting really long. When adding, it would be awesome if new ones would default at the top or give the option to move to the top instead of dragging to the top. It would also be great to have an archive option for these older entries. 

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Great suggestions. Have opened a feedback for you here


Wiki: New Sections Default to Top and Ability to Archive Old Sections · Community ( 


Lots are using OneNote now to replace the wiki, however I still think that the wiki has potential and that these could make it a lot more valuable. You'll see a lot of suggestions for the wiki on the feedback hub. You can access it via your Microsoft 365 credentials or your Microsoft Account. Would recommend voting this up and following - if Microsoft pick it up you should be notified


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