Microsoft Teams Employee Ideas App Prompts Every User for Permissions

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We use quite a few Microsoft Apps and Third Party Apps inside of Teams.  After the initial installation of any of these apps, any user that is a member of whichever Team/Channel we added the app to, can access it.


I installed this app into a Channel, approved all the permissions and it added it.  No issues.  However, when another user that is a member of this channel tries to access the app, it's asking them to Approve both O365 and Teams approval.  Why is it doing this for all users?  We cannot possibly deploy an Employee app that every Employee must first click Approve to 2 popups.  


It was also mentioned that this is required because it's a Power App but we have other Power Apps added into Teams and it doesn't prompt every user for Permissions.  

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It's a powerapp? You can utilize this to possibly bypass, if it's basic connector permission, but sometimes depending on what it's using it still might require initial setup for the connector and isn't a way pass that, but most built in 365 things will work fine with this bypass. 


PowerApps quick tip: Bypass consent popups (


I think I got the script working but it's asking for an Environment Name.  Is that my tenant site?