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When any one comment or post something in teams channel all the teams member/Channel member should receive a email notification. This features should be controlled from admin center.

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@Jaymallya_Chowdhuri Hello, all the notification settings has always been end-user controlled (but admin possibility is a highly requested feature as noticed at Teams UserVoice).

@ChristianBergstromYes, user can control the notifications but there is no Email notification. User get email notification at the time when user is added to the any channel/teams but no Email notification for any type post or other activity.

Hi, why would you like to be notified by email when you have all these notifications within Teams that you can use on any device? Besides, your inbox would be clogged immediately. Don't see the need here to be honest.

@ChristianBergstromYes, you are right but its depends on users and situation.. If any department's HOD post some important thing in a channel and he wants everyone to respond on it but some of his subordinate do not respond and tell that he didn't got any teams notification from teams app or he uninstalled the app. If user receive notification on mail it can be used for documentation and nobody can tell lies or give any excuse.

Hi have the same issue - I guess its a matter of encouraging everyone to change their habits. What happens with use is people don't use the channels we set up and the use the chats instead - their reason "Because nobody will see it on channels - they won't read it". I've now learned more about how we can use Banner and Feed notifications but there are those who are old school and will still ignore this and an email would work for them. Using the @ doesn't work when you have a department of about 30 people you need to see the channel update. But - let me know - is it just a matter of educating them all - the squeaky wheel approach?

@Jaymallya_Chowdhuri I log into several companies/organizations teams, and with different e-mail accounts, but only my own company has set up e-mail notifications. From one company I get alerts when I click om my user-icon at the top right, but I have to click to get a list of domains and see where there are notifications. I would like to be able to control notification by mail myself. The different companies should preferably initiate notification as a default that I can turn off if I want to.