Microsoft Teams drops after joined meeting for several seconds

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Since the Teams Desktop application for Windows updated to version or upper, several my users are facing the subjected issue at home with a specific ISP internet broadband. It happens consequently for scheduled meetings but sometimes 1-1 calls go through. 


With same computer and same internet link, no issue if using web version Microsoft Teams. Or downgraded the Teams Desktop application back to version however it will be updated again automatically.


Not all users using this specific ISP internet broadband (very famous one in HK) have this issue.


Already asked for Microsoft support with logs captured but they just say causing by unstable internet connection.


Anyone did also have similar issue? And any possible solution can be provided? Thanks!



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Hi, we do see the same problem for some of our HK users whenever they're working from home and our findings seem goes to the same ISP HKT.

This issue seem to be very specific only to HK as we don't get any report from other countries.

Does upgrading to the latest Teams version helps?
i have exactly the same problem..even when i try using mobile network which is CSL... HKT...


I am experiencing the same problem.  Upgrade to the latest version does not help.

When I connect the laptop with mobile hotspot (using another ISP) the problem does not happen. 


Confirm the problem started since - I tested it on the same laptop, same network, and same period. 


Also the network connection is very stable - no interruption with plenty of bandwidth.


Any idea? Thanks,.


Same problem since last week from germany. Web and Android versions are working without problems on the same network, the windows desktop client drops calls after a few seconds.


Edit: Same behavior on my mobile network.

Hey folks, there is an active issue around this - please see TM262891 in the admin center. Should be some further updates in a few days.

I don't see the TM262891 in my admin center.

Hi all,


I am on PCCW (HKT) network, and getting same problem. any news about how to fix the problem?