Microsoft Teams drops after 10 seconds

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Since a couple of weeks I face the issue with Microsoft Teams that my connection drops when connecting to a meeting. Before that it worked fine. The issue is that the application connects for approx 10 sec, people can't hear me and then the connection drops. It happens consequently for scheduled meetings but sometimes 1-1 calls go through. 


It only happens on my laptop and not on my Iphone which is connected to the same Wifi. I have changed to a new laptop but the issue remains. 


My internet provider says the connection is good and Microsoft Teams support says its the network. 

So I am in desperate need to find a solution that allows me to use Teams on my laptop again :) 

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@ThereseSolimeno - thank you. Will check this but the issue didn't arise with the same users in the past. Also they still work from the same place and so do I. 


The workaround that seems to work is to use my iphone (on the same wifi as my laptop) as hot spot for my laptop and then use the Teams application on my laptop. This works but is a bit annoying work around of course.



We have several users here also facing exactly same issue since Teams Desktop application updated to version

Any solution did you find?



We have noticed this exact problem today.  VPN client into HQ users (behind cisco ASA) fails after 10 seconds.  We dont see any video either.  However if we schedule a meeting and join the VPN client user it works fine.

Also works fine HQ to VPN and VPN to VPN.