Microsoft Teams - Downgraded version?

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I have Microsoft Teams using my private account/e-mail (not a school or work account). Several functionalities are missing:

 - I cannot upload an image to change the background in a video conference

 - There is no calendar

 - No call option

 - No Task


That I am missing these functionalities, is that because I do not have a school or work account? Or...?


Thank you


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@mmnielsen Hi, you have answered your own question :) When using Teams free or Teams with a personal account there are several features and functionality missing. I use all versions so I can at least recommend to set up your own Teams free org. as it at least has some more possibilites.


Sign up for Teams free - Office Support (


Thank you very much.

Sometimes I simply do not like being right, and knowing the answers to my own questions :-). 


It would have been nice if Microsoft had listed the missing features as being unavailable in this downgraded version. Lot of confusion on my part could have been avoided...