Microsoft Teams does not yet support new South Sudan time zone

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Hello Teams Community,


Please i need your help on this issue.


We cannot use the new '(UTC+2:00) Juba' time zone created by Microsoft for South Sudan back in March 2021 in the Teams Desktop app.


When the 'Juba (+02:00) time zone is selected in Windows, the latest Teams desktop client [ (64-bit)] defaults to UTC instead, and the new time zone is not visible in the New Meeting dialog.


I was told that an ETA has been communicated by the engineering team for a fix to be done in Q1 CY2022, that is First Quarter (January to the end March) of the year 2022.


Does anyone have an idea

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Please seek tech support assistance at, where there are authorized Microsoft agents available to further troubleshoot with you until your issue is resolved.