Microsoft Teams Desktop not showing all callers

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I can join Teams video calls but cannot see anybody other than the person speaking - the other two people are just round discs with their initials in bottom right corner. I can see myself there but not other people. I have windows 10 and have installed the Teams app. What am I doing wrong? (you can tell by this post I am NOT  a techy person!) 

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Hi @Stella07,

What do you need the outcome to be? What do you expect to see?

The other users have probably not switched on video - or have called into the meeting via a phone as opposed to a video call. 

Best, Chris

Other people on the video call can see 4 small images of others on the call in the bottom right of the screen - I can only see myself - we all clicked on the Team meeting link in an email

Apologies - just returned from MVP Summit. Has this issue persisted for you?

Best, Chris

@Stella07 I have the same problem and can't seem to find a fix for it. Has nothing to do with other people having their camera turned of. They see eachother in small screens and they do see me. I only see initials and only one at a time. No split screen or anything.

A solution is welcome not just options of what it could be.

Hover over the users and select (...). Can you see Pin? Can you pin them to the screen?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I am in a "call" with just one other person. They can see me and hear me.  I cannot see them, just a circle with and Initial inside.  I can hear them, not see them.  I am trying to assist them with this program, as they have a virtual doctors appt on Monday.  If you can assist me - thank you


Hi @KBK_

This sounds like an issue with their camera

1.) Have they joined as a video call as opposed to audio call?
2.) If they joined as a video call did they turn their camera on?
3.) Have they ensured in the meeting on the options (...) that their camera on their device is selected
4.) Does it work if they join the meeting from the web browser (
5.) Does it work if they join from a mobile and the Teams Mobile App

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I have the same issue.  I could see other callers one day, and then the next day I could no longer see them.  I am using the desktop version of teams.  The person I am video calling had video called with others earlier in the day before we met, and they could be seen by the people they were video calling.  All I currently see is a circle with their initials.  Is there some setting that I need to change?  I see myself in the bottom corner of the call, and I can hear the person I am calling, just no visual.  They see and hear me.

@Stella07 I have the same issue.  I find that if I click on a chat or channel I can see them in a small video in the corner

@Christopher Hoard Hi Chris


How do you figure this is a webcam problem if the mister explained other callers on the same meeting could all see each other? It's clearly a problem on his side, according to the symptoms described. Not to mention the unlikelihood every other caller has webcam problems at the same time..


I recommend using a web version of Teams if it exists, or a different version of it, to see if it might have to do with the version that's installed or even with the installation. Perhaps reinstalling might solve a weird problem in the files too.


If none of these ideas solve the issue, it might suggest It's related to the user settings or the computer you're using. To try and isolate the problem, I suggest using a different device and a different account and see in which cases the issue persists. My guess is that you'll not see this happening in a web version or even in the app version in your smartphone. But we'll see.

I have a problem like this to solve tomorrow so I'll drop some feedback after.

I have the same issue, was working fine I could see everyone before now they can see me but I can't see anyone else.
Weird thing is if I select together mode I can see everyone but it's not very professional seeing everyone seated in seats or with fun backgrounds.
I just want to go back to how it was in a simple tiled format. If I go to normal view I only see circles with initials and don't see the video. But all participants can see my video.
Help would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Aurumus,

Any update on this? I have the exact same issue as suggested by degia80 and others

We are experiencing the same issue at our company. 7 people in the Teams call and all of them have their video enabled. Some people can see certain peoples' video and others not. This was not the case before because we never had this issue in the past.


A customer of ours experiences the same problem. Everyone has the webcam on, but not everyone is shown.

They use the desktop app. If someone who does have everyone visible shares his screen, the others will also see everyone on the webcam.

You can also pin someone and that will be visible while the one before was visible as initials.
I have been having the same issue for almost 2 months. I can see videos in Together mode (when it is available) or if I pin a video feed then they all show . Gallery Mode seems to be broken.


Same problem within our business, some users can see other users just fine, but others cant, it seems Teams is randomly picking who should see who? Where's Microsoft on this?

@Stella07 I have the same problem, it was working fine and now in gallery mode I don't see video even though other people can see each other. If I pin 1 person I see their video and everyone's thumbnail videos. And it works in together mode. But as soon as I'm just in default gallery mode I just see their names.

@kwhitaker1735 I have a user with the same problem. They are also getting an erro at the top of their teams client asking for an updated version. We've ran the latest installer from the link in the message, the error goes away, until reboot. Then it comes back. Is anyone else noticing an with the version of client?


I have the same issue on Teams for Mac. If I'm the first on a call, and one person joins, I can see the video. When next person joins, I only get two boxes with their initials, and both videos disappear, even though they have their cameras on and can see the others videos. Sometimes one of the others video show up in a small window when they are talking, but disappears again when someone else is talking. In the together mode I can sometimes see others, but the gallery view is grayed out and not available. 
This started some month ago, first I thought it was just the others disabling their video, but it turned out to be my Teams that just doesn't show the video. I'm on good networks, and Zoom etc works very well. 

This is quite annoying, and we are switching to use Zoom instead.