Microsoft Teams Deskphones Caller ID for Call Queue calls

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I am currently evaluating phones (right now specifically Yealink T55A) and having a small problem.


When an incoming call is signalled that is coming via a call queue the display shows "Incoming call for <Call Queue Name>" and in the next line the call queue name again. I would expect in the next line the original caller id. 


The original caller id is only shown, after answering the phone. Or if I receive a call through second call queue I can see the beginning of caller id in the banner at the top of the screen. 


On the Teams Desktop Client is shows the original caller ID and even on VVX phones I even have the CQ Name and caller ID alternating.


Is this a bug/limitation in the current phone client or did i miss a setting somewhere?


I know it might be a minor issue, but I know users will complain about it.


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@Sascha Stops 


Unfortunately, that's not possible, but that's the way it should be. It is assumed that several callers are on hold. Normally it is hardly possible to estimate who you can get on the phone.