Microsoft Teams Desk Phones Access to Personal Contacts

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We are currently testing the Microsoft Teams as UI for Cloud communication to replace our existing telephony. We have the Yealink and Polycom Teams desk Phones that presently we are testing. The Teams desk Phones looks excellent, and it seems like a great option as a replacement. The only issue that we encounter is the personal contact's access using the Microsoft Teams desk Phones. It looks like the option to access the personal contacts on Teams Desk Phones is not available.

Does someone have this problem accessing personal contacts from Microsoft Teams Desk Phones?

Does Microsoft Teams Desk Phones support the access of personal contacts? If so, how?

Could someone recommend the type of Microsoft Teams Desk Phones?



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Does anyone have answer?
We have the same Problem with all kind of Yealink Phones (VP59, T55A). I think it's clearly on the microsoft side. Have you found a solution in the meantime?