Microsoft Teams custom voicemail message won't save


Multiple users have tried to save a custom voicemail message when they are out of office. They hit save in the settings menu.


After that the voicemail greeting they setup disappears. Happens for multiple people, and we have tried reboot, reinstall and using the web app in


Please does anyone have a solution to this problem. 

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Hey there @Ini! I'm moving this thread over to the Teams forum to hopefully get you the info you need on what's happening here. Best of luck, have a great weekend! 


Alex Rowell (she/her)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Hi @Alexandra-R... Where can I access the forums link to see activity on the issue with saving custom greetings? I am having the same issue. thank you

@lni, We are having the same issue in Hybrid environment, Its working for users who are on EXO but not for on-Prem. Currently have a ticket with Microsoft and will advise how we go. They suspect its a bug.


Is there already a solution for this? We have the same problem in a hybrid environment with OnPrem Exchange users. 


@ex_plosiv, Unfortunately not, Still working with Microsoft and they suspect its a bug and they are working with the EE team. I will update as soon as I have something from them. At this point no solutions :( or work arounds.
I have noticed that the TTS messages are being saved (somewhere), it's that when you exit out and open the screen again, the TTS boxes show as empty.... I thought originally that it wasn't saving however, I tested it and the text that I put in the TTS boxes was actually playing when I did a test dial, however, going back to view the TTS messages, the boxes were showing as empty.