Microsoft Teams Converting Sent images to MicrosoftTeams-image.png

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I have a Mac user on teams that whenever they send an image, teams always converts it MicrosoftTeams-image.png, it could be titled anything but will always convert it to that when it's being downloaded. It only appears to be affecting mac users, tested it in two completely unrelated environments and the same happens on both.

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hello @AndyH_924  This appears to be a bug that was addressed in a past post in this community: Images uploaded through teams convert to PNG's upon download - Microsoft Tech Community  Perhaps the best response will be helpful.

This has actually been fixed in the latest update for Teams.

@ThereseSolimeno This appears to be a different issue than the one you linked to, which is about appending the wrong extension to JPGs, not as this is described actually changing the file to a PNG (larger file, worse quality) and changing the name to MicrosoftTeams-image.png specifically, on every single image downloaded. This issue is also affecting every mac user on my team, and is incredibly disruptive to our work. 

@AndyH_924 as of January 28, 2022, this is still an issue affecting my whole team, all on the most recent version of Teams (released 1//26/22)

This is such a widespread and weird issue, how is it still happening? The default to download images is for Teams to rename the file (the same name every time, mind you!) then make it a png? This happens on all my windows machines, so it is not just a mac thing either.