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In Skype For Business Online, I was able to have distribution lists of groups and expand them to see who was online, the distribution lists came over to Teams, but show no members.  Will this be fixed in a future upgrade or will this no longer work?


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Thanks.  Tried to do a search for contacts and lists but did not see that one.  The issue that I am having is lists with internal folks in it.  The group names show up but contacts in the group do not.

The migration or lack there of is pretty bad. You pretty much are just going to have to right click your groups and add your contacts back to them, not really any way around it atm, and most likely won't be if I had to guess.

Are there any updates on adding distribution lists to chat?

+1 for this. since MS announced that it is killing skype for business, Teams needs to be ready and as robust or more than skype for business. currently i think teams is good for collaboration, but it is way too complex UI and overkill for most of our workforce that only needs and uses the chat feature


please re-add the skype feature where we can add DL to our contact list so that contasct lists can be automatically maintained. 


manually having to add contact is time consuming and no one "ain't time fo that". especially with DL with hundreds of people in it

@Zeff Wheelock 

How can i add distribution list or group in MS Teams

Unfortunately, you cannot.  


Is there any consideration (besides UserVoice) on adding distribution lists to Teams?

I need that feature as well

Did someone really say "user voice really matters..."
Distribution Lists in Teams 

600 votes, and no attention from Microsoft yet :(

@Petri X Less than 30 days and it's up from 600 votes to 2500 votes.


Keep those votes coming!

@Zeff Wheelock 


Zeff specifically for your question you can go to Teams, click the elipse at the end of a team and select Manage Team, this will show you all members of the team and their status in MS Teams

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Hi @Petri X  FYI - it's not a hard-and-fast rule, but until an item in Uservoice gets over 1000 votes, it doesn't get a lot of priority.  There are other requests/bugs that have 10s of thousands of votes, by comparison.


That is not the point.  If we have a distribution list that is managed by another Team, in Skype that would be updated automatically when changes were made to it.  In an organization that is >4000, I will have absolutely no idea who belongs to what group.  While the owners of the distribution list updates their members, it would be reflected in my IM.  In Skype, that worked flawlessly.  In Teams, if I wanted the Help Desk distribution list, I could open it up, see who is available, and chat and know it is up to date.  If I create my own group, I will not know who is in that group that is still there with the department and when new people come onboard.  All we are asking is to have the ability to pull in distribution lists as contacts that are updated.  Again, the functionality is there in Skype, we just want it now in Teams.

well stated and yes please. sooner rather than later would be nice.

@Zeff Wheelock 


ditto to this request. for example, i'd love to have a Managers Chat room on Teams, but due to turnover, it'd be some work to update this once or twice a month to make sure no one gets left out (new people) and no one sees what they shouldn't (leaving company)