Microsoft Teams Connectivity to Exchange On-prem (Access Outlook contacts)


Hi dear team, could you please help with the exact connectivity issue of Microsoft Teams to Exchange On-prem (2016)? When you look at this article (screenshot attached) there is written "Access Outlook contacts action is not supported between Microsoft Teams nad Exchange On-prem."


What does this exactly means? How does it impact end-users? Are they not able to use an address book when using Microsoft Teams?


Thank you! Andrea

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Hi @Andrea Rybarova,


from personal experience, I can tell you, that you will be able to search for colleagues as you are used to from Outlook in Teams.


However, you won´t find your Outlook contacts in Teams! I am not quite sure right now if the mail addresses you sent an e-mail to can appear in Teams when using Exchange Online, that would be a second difference!



Hi @svenseidenberg and @Andrea Rybarova, do you have found a solution for this problem? Is there any way to sync personal outlook on premise contacts with Teams? Is there any commercial product that deals with this?