Microsoft Teams channel user deleltion notification

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HI All, 

In Microsoft Teams group, if we are removing a particular user from a channel its showing in General Tab as (hemaraj k removed m1 from the team).


--> (M1 is a user account ) Attaching the screen shot for reference.



Because if we are creating org-wide group all the users will be automatically added in that group.. and if we want to remove particular user, all the member of that group get notification as M1 account is removed from this group..


Will it be possible to hide this option from O365 Admin panel..  (or) Only admin need to get notified as the particular user has been removed....


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AFAIK, not as of today

There is a uservoice open for this here

Would vote to push it up the agenda

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I know that the issue was fixed in October 2020, but it seems to have come back earlier this year. Is it happening for anyone else? 


Currently on version: for mac.