Microsoft Teams Channel Delivery has failed to these recipients bounce back

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Hi Microsoft Community,


Hopefully, someone can help me out.

It's about 2 days now since we can't send emails from Outlook app / Outlook Web.


We keep getting a Delivery that failed bounce back mail, there hasn't been any change before these 2 days and it worked fine before without any issues.


What I already checked are:

- Teams policy ( made sure that email integration is enabled )

- Exchange routing policy ( There weren't any changes made in this section )

- DNS Records ( added one extra DNS MX record to allow in the mail 


Anyone have any tips where i should look to fix this problem ?


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Unfortunately troubleshooting the email to channel functionality is not easy, as the process itself is sort of a black box (messages are routed to a Microsoft-managed tenant to which you have no access). Thus the best thing to do here is open a support case.
You can of course share the full NDR just in case.
Hi Vasil,

For some unknown reason, it started working again yesterday.
I'm still troubleshooting how it was possible that it stopped working for 2 days.