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Could not locate this question anywhere unless I'm not doing a good enough search so here goes :)


We have recently adopted Microsoft Teams instead of Slack however I'm having trouble keeping track of newer conversations due to the way I perceive things to work within Teams.


I have a rather large team of 100-110 staff and for example, I post a new conversation in the general channel about 'free cakes in the kitchen' however if I then reply to a previous conversation within the same channel, the free cake conversation gets pushed upwards and the reply I just made gets brought to the bottom despite that conversation starting hours/days ago.


My question is, can this be turned off so that conversations within channels are always kept newest to oldest (going from bottom to top) so my free cake conversation would stay at the bottom until some NEW conversation was started afterwards?


The reason I'm asking is that due to our size, we are having multiple conversations within a channel and this is now meaning conversations/announcements are been pushed upwards out of sight quite quickly if others are replying to threads from hours/days ago.


Please do give me feedback if it's just something I'm either doing wrong or a setting that I've not picked as I'm keen to get this resolved for my staff.



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That's how it is, the only way you can exert some control is by "pinning" a given conversation, but that simply puts it in the spotlight on the Details pane, not on top of the conversation list.
Go vote this up over at the Feedback portal:


In Microsoft Teams, the default behavior is to sort channel conversations based on activity, which means that when a reply is added to an existing conversation, it moves the entire conversation back to the top of the channel. This behavior is intended to bring attention to the most recent activity in the channel.


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