Microsoft Teams Cards broken on mobile devices

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We are unable to see our cards notifications from mobile phones, which is completely against the purpose of these notifications. On all devices ( Android & Ios ).


IOS cards are broken, custom ones we send as a report of few lines of data, the show-more does not work and the card shows really bad on the iphones.


Android is ok for custom cards, but all VSTS cards and some notifications subscriptions are un-expandable & show more does not work etc.. you can easily reproduce this.

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Just checked on my tenant it works fine so it looks like a tenant issue would advice to address a service request.

Hello thank you for your reply, can you explain more what does this mean. We are using cloud services, we don't have our own setup or anything.
I didn't get what you mean.

Your administrator will have access to the admin portal, from which you can lodge a support request to have MS Tech Support look at the issue