Microsoft Teams cannot create meeting notes for a meeting in the General Channel

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I have an issue with a specific Teams Channel where it is not possible to create Meeting Notes. 

In the meeting the meeting under more the 'Meeting Notes' option is available but when i or any colleague clicks on Meeting Notes it redirects me directly to the Teams app. It is the standard General Channel which we use. I tried the functionality via Teams App and Team Website. 

This Teams has more channels and if we test the same meeting note functionality in another channel everything is working as expected.  This Teams was created August 2022 with the 'Manage a project' Teams template. 

Our IT admin couldn't find any issues. I hope someone has a brilliant idea?


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Hi @David_de_Jong,

To fix the issue with the specific Teams Channel where you are unable to create Meeting Notes, you can try the following steps:

1. Check Channel Settings: Ensure that the channel in question has the necessary permissions enabled for creating Meeting Notes. Only users with proper permissions can access this feature. To check the settings, follow these steps:
a. Go to the Teams interface and navigate to the problematic channel.
b. Click on the three dots (...) next to the channel name and select "Manage channel" from the dropdown menu.
c. In the Channel Settings tab, verify that the "Create and manage meeting notes" option is enabled. If not, enable it and click "Save."

2. Clear Teams Cache: Clearing the cache of the Teams application can resolve various issues. To clear the cache, follow these steps:
a. Close the Teams application completely.
b. On Windows, press Win + R, type "%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams," and press Enter. On macOS, open Finder, press Shift + Cmd + G, and enter "~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams."
c. Delete all the files and folders within the Teams folder. Note: This will not delete any of your messages or files stored in Teams; it will only remove the cache.
d. Restart Teams and check if the Meeting Notes functionality works correctly.

3. Try a Different Device or Browser: Sometimes, issues can be specific to a particular device or browser. Test the Meeting Notes functionality on a different device or using a different web browser to see if the issue persists. This will help determine if the problem is device/browser-specific or related to the Teams configuration.


You  can explore the link below to troubleshoot further:


By following these steps and reaching out to the appropriate support channels, you should be able to resolve the issue with creating Meeting Notes in the specific Teams Channel.




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I did some further tests and I could replicate the issue. About setting/access/etc. I have tested this with more users and different browsers. It looks like creating a new team using a template is creating the issue. Not sure if could replicate the same issue?


Scenario 1: Created a new Team from scratch (just with the General Channel). When I schedule a meeting in General I can create meeting notes and the Meeting Notes Tab is created in the Teams Site. If I delete the Meeting Notes Tab and I schedule a new meeting in General and try to create meeting notes it will recreate the Meeting Notes Tab (and all history is deleted) and I can create notes as normal

Scenario 2: Created a new Team with the 'Manage a project' template (with the General/Resources/Planning/Announcements Channels). When I schedule a meeting in General I can create meeting notes and the Meeting Notes Tab is created in the Teams Site. If I delete the Meeting Notes Tab and I schedule a new meeting and try to create meeting notes nothing happens. The Meeting Notes Tab is not created and it looks like there is a hard stop (bug?).

@Deleted  Would you be able to share a screenshot with the channel options?

I have a very similar issue:

1. when I create a new meeting without a channel selected, the "Add agenda others can edit" section is available in the meeting details and I can later add notes during the meeting

Without channel.png

2. as soon as I select any channel (or if I start creating the meeting in a channel instead of the calendar) that section disappears and notes are not available during the meeting.


You also mentioned "Only users with proper permissions can access this feature"- what exactly is this permission?

facing the same issue.
There does not seem to be any documentation on this.


Me too, facing same issue, cannot create meeting note if meeting scheduled with any channel, but if channel field is empty, the note component appears again!

Same Issue

Cannot create meeting notes and if channel field is empty, note component appears again.


Does not work for me. These channel settings are not there. Neither in New Teams nor the web app.