Microsoft Teams - Cannot Create Connection in Logic App

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I'm trying to create a logic app that posts to my Team when a blob is uploaded to my Azure Blob Storage account. 


I'm using the Post a message (v3) teams connector in Azure, but it can't log me in with my valid credentials. It says `Please check your accoutn info and/or permissions and try again.`


I can't for the life of me find where the appropriate permissions might be in my teams account, though I rather suspect it won't to it with my Personal Microsoft account. Is this the reason? If so, how do I get this to work?


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Hi @woodced ,


Yes, it's because you try to connect with a Microsoft Account. You should try to connect with an Azure AD account (your corporate account if you have one).

Hi @Alexis CONIA,


We are using teams without using Azure AD accounts.  Is there a way around this requirement (so that we can send messages to our teams even though they are not corporate accounts)?

@PatSul The simplest way is probably to use the action "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" in Preview. You don't have a message posted on behalf of a user but you can define the content. 

You can also use a connector in Teams but it's more complicated to manage and integrate (Sending messages to Connectors and Webhooks - Teams | Microsoft Docs). Once, the connector webhook URL is created, you can use HTTP action on logic apps

@Alexis CONIA Thank you!  I will give those a try