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Microsoft Teams Calling API / Contact Center Options

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I'm a big advocate for the O365 universe and I'm trying hard to convince the ExB in my company to move in that direction. Our current on-prem telephone solution (Avaya) needs to be replaced or upgraded pretty soon. My goal is to go Teams only, but since there are no available Contact Center options around, my colleagues like the idea of a fully featured UC system like the Avaya IX workplace a lot.

Are there any hints when there will be any public previews of contact center options?

I guess the public previews depend on the release of the full Teams Calling API?

Thanks a lot.

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There are no ETAs for the Calling API at this moment.

@Deleted There was a great session on Contact Centers at Ignite, see






You could contact one of the partners in the session Steven mentioned, I tweeted a picture with them here. And if they have time to add you, it is possible to use their solution in the public preview.


I think that we see GA during this year of the Communication API.


Depending on what functions you use in your current contact center there might be some limitations. I would say that the features you get via this API is basic but works for most companies, you might not get a 1:1 migration on features but maybe good enough. 


On the roadmap there is a item for Enable Contact Center integration (53939) where the release date is December CY2019

Hello Thomas, happy to help here!


I am with Anywhere365 — we already provide a fully featured Contact Center for Teams. One of our customers — Tonys Chocolonely — was mentioned in the Ignite session referenced by @Ste Pap


Please message me here for contact details or we connect on twitter — my handle is @weldebob.



Thanks a lot Linus.



We are testing the direct routing functions of Ms teams as well here. We also have an Avaya system at this time. 

But too be honest, it needs improvement fast! It just isn't ready for mass deployment when you compare it to other phone solutions. 


-> major setback, there is no calling ID at this time, meaning you only see the number, not the name. it should be implemented Q4 2019, but this should have been in there from the very beginning.

-> there a lot of small things that are annoying, like better volume/recording controls for headsets etc.., easy choice of too what device the call has to go. Notifications incoming call on android not working correctly. etc..


I would wait until Q1 -2020 


@Deleted Hi Thomas, there are contact centre solutions available for MS Teams. If you are using Ribbon SBC then it would be worth having a look at Mida's LCC solution.







I would love to get in touch to discuss:

  • Caller ID / Pushing CRM data should not be an issue unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do.
  • Routing calls to devices is interesting, would like to better understand the specific use cases.

I will sent a PM - hope we can connect.

Hello Thomas,


There is a solution called CC4Teams. This is a service which routes (SIP) calls to federated users (so your teams users). It is cloud based and offers IVR / Call Recording / Skill based routing etc.


You can take a look @

I vote for this to be implemented.