Microsoft Teams Calendar Pro cannot view intermittanly.

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Ok. I know there are several posts on Teams Calendar Pro. None actually solve my issue. 

1. I cannot view calendar pro in teams that my company has. On my laptop app, Online app, nor my iphone.

2. If my boss removes me and I sign completely out and delete %appdata% and then sign back in I can view the calendar and edit it. 

3. Then a week later i can no longer view it again. On laptop, iphone, nor online again.

4. I have deleted and reinstalled it a couple a times with no avail. 

5. All other members can view the calendar even on an older laptop. Mine is a Dell Latitude 5570. Three years old. Running Windows 10 Pro. Have Office 2019 Standard.

6. Again if removed and added i can view for a short time and then it will go away. 


Would LOVE to have any answer whatso ever. Thanks.

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Hi, difficult to say. This is a third-party app and Microsoft isn't the publisher. But the app can be controlled by using Teams app policies as all the other apps available in the app store.

Perhaps reach out to the publisher to get an idea of what could be causing this
Hello @Darrtech0740
I'm Nicolas, in charge of Calendar Pro. Can you contact us directly at and we will organize a call to see what is happening.