Microsoft Teams Calendar - Free Busy Info for users

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When using Teams to schedule a meeting and the attendee or the invite is targeted to a TEAM,

then the Scheduling Assistant tab does not shows the Free Busy info for the member-users who all are available at that point ?

How to check for this info and use Calendaring in TEAMS for TEAM(s) effectively ?

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Well you have to keep in mind that Teams can have a huge number of members, and the scheduling assistant cannot possibly show them all. But I do agree that it will be a convenience in some cases... perhaps put this on UserVoice?

@Vasil Michev 

I have an Exchange 2016 hybrid config with EXO.  I have 2 test EXO users while the rest are on prem.  Viewing free/busy in Outlook works as it should.


Teams Calendar Scheduling assistant displaying of free/busy is very sporadic (even for the meeting organizer).  Displays hashes.  Unless, it seems if the organizer and/or attendees have existing meetings in their calendar, it will show free/busy for that day.


Any ideas?

@acing same issue, user is not happy with the solution provided as user wants to schedule from teams only

YES!!! A million times yes. I have a team with varying days and times on/off. We need some way to quickly lookup if another team member is available before calling them.