Microsoft Teams brings me to other meetings/ meeting does not exist.

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I have been encountering problems with Microsoft Team apps. When my lecturer held classes, sometimes there's no "join" button to press. If there is "join" button, it will also bring us to different meeting (no lecturer inside the meeting and need others to invite you into the real meeting). This problems are not only encounter by myself, but with other students too. Don't know where to report this problems to.Capture.PNG

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@anxreal I would suggest that much of the issue is with your lecturer :) How are the scheduling or starting meetings ?


They should schedule the meetings in the channel, then you can join by pressing the blue bar on the schedule, or from the channel calendar tab. 

The lecturer did scheduled the meeting, but somehow I could not get into the right meeting room, same goes to several students too. The scheduled meeting link has been given but the it did not bring us to the lecturer's meeting. The students that could make into the meeting would invite other students to join the meeting through the "participants" section. @Steven Collier 

@anxreal sounds like your lecturer is ending up in the meetings they organise, and in the screen shot I can see that someone is starting additional instant channel meetings (by pressing the Meet button) around the scheduled meetings, which would show a different join button to other people in the channel.


Sure there could be a more complex explanation, but it does really look like people are just not joining the meetings that were scheduled, which would also fit with it then working when they get invited.


I would suggest your Lecturer adds the Channel Calendar tab, then it should be easier to direct people to the correct meeting.