Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms - Copying the room meeting link

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Hi everyone!


So happy to see breakout rooms finally land for us this morning :) 

Question regarding some wording on the help site for breakout rooms ( it states: 


  • These features are not currently supported in breakout rooms:

  • Using Meet now from a channel conversation

  • Call me

  • Copying the room meeting link

  • Adding a guest to meeting chat

  • Adding a guest to meeting

I might be being silly here, but what does the third point refer to, "Copying the room meeting link". Our students all join via shared meeting links so hopefully this isn't affected. Or does this mean that while in a breakout room, you can't copy a meeting link? It's not very clear. 


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Hi @EmmaHerrod

In Teams meetings, within the meeting details (under more options ... in the navigation) you can copy the meeting details and provide that to more users/guests to join the meeting.

Doing this within breakout rooms isn't currently supported

I have raised a uservoice to add it here

Voting on it will help push it up the agenda. I believe that attendees should be able to join a breakout room in exactly the same way as the main meeting so would like to see this in the future. By voting, you will be notified if it gets picked up

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Many thanks for your explanation, Chris. I've added my vote to your User Voice entry.