Microsoft Teams Bot Not Always Responding




I have a bot which is connected to web chat and to Microsoft Teams. Today I noticed that the bot is not always responding in Microsoft Teams, however it is working just fine in the web chat. 


In Azure Bot Channel Registration I have the message "The tenant admin disabled this bot" for the Microsoft Teams channel. I followed the directions stated here and made sure that every setup policy is enabled.


We also log an error with the following message: Operation returned an invalid status code 'BadGateway'


It seems like the issue is either on Microsoft Teams or between Microsoft Teams and the bot logic. Any ideas for a potential fix?


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We are having this issue too. We are able to use the Forms or Praise function in a meeting using the Web version of Teams. But when in the desktop app (both Windows and Mac) we lose that functionality and have to go to the channel to use these functions.
When in a channel meeting we can't type @Praise or @Forms to load the bot nor use the app using the ellipsis, but in the channel chat on the meeting we can.  We can use the apps when in a standard meeting...

HELP! It's been like this for a while now.