Microsoft Teams Banner Notifications Appearing Black

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Recently, whenever I get a new notification from Teams, the notification preview that is supposed to appear in the bottom right is black. It also appears black for any types of banner messages (i.e. when doing calls). I'm not sure what changed within the last few days. Prior to then, the alerts would contain a message preview description or a small preview of the current call speaker.


Screenshot attached for reference. I am on a windows 10 desktop, and my current Microsoft Teams version is: You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 4/28/20


I appreciate if someone can chime in on some possible solutions. Thank you!




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Hello, I have the same exact problem. Is there a solution as you know?

@Marco1610 how long have you noticed the issue for? It's still happening for me and I don't have a solution. My guess is that some recent product update might have introduced this bug

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@caggarwal  We escalated this issue to Microsoft and they came back and acknowledged it as an issue.  The workaround for now is to disable GPU acceleration in Chrome and close/restart Teams.  Microsoft will include a fix in an upcoming release as of 5/5/2020.

@Jason ThurstonI confirm that disabling that fixed my problem.

@caggarwal , try this:

1. Turn off all banners in Teams.  Go to Settings - Notifications

2. Close Teams

3. Go to and download Microsoft Teams Desktop App

4. Install  (It will re-open Teams when done)

5. Switch to Dark Mode

6. Turn on Banners in Teams again.


Worked for me!

@Jason Thurston This is happening again and disabling GPU/hardware acceleration in all browsers has no effect. Is this happening to anyone else? The majority of people who I've spoken with here at work are experiencing the same.

@DavidJustice Hello David, we are still working with the temporary solution which was disabling the GPU in the browsers and that seems to be working.  We also had an issue with our BeyondTrust Privilege Management client where it seemed to interfere with Teams launching properly and caused the burnt toast notification to reappear in some instances.


  • Disabling the GPU was Microsoft temp solution.
  • In opening a case with Microsoft they found a permissions issue with the directories/executables below and BeyondTrust was going to have to resolve that issue.



@Jason Thurston 


I have this issue with a user at the moment and we have just started using Beyond Trust, was  you able to solve this?

@DavidJustice disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome worked for me.

Is there meanwhile permanent solution provided by Microsoft? Since the initial issue was reported back in May 2020.

I encountered this same issue a week or so ago.  I am running the Teams Desktop app.  All alerts appear in "burnt toast."  I tried disabling and then closing out of Teams and then re-enabling the banner notifications, but that did not work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!




I am having the same issue with a user who has a Lenovo Yoga, Intel Driver are fully updates as well as Firmware on the machine.  Any other solutions please advise. Using the Desktop version of MS Teams


 blank notification teams.pngptop

Hello have you had any resolution to this?

Sadly it's still happening as of 6/2022. Intermittent. Some days it works fine, some days it doesn't.