Microsoft Teams App- How to find Apps installed by each users in MS Teams

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Is it possible to find out which apps are installed by users in Microsoft teams . I could not find any information

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@Manoj Kumar  I would doubt since there is no option currently for this on Teams admin center if you look to the apps section or even in the analytics and reports section.


Maybe there could be a workaround using some Powershell scripts etc.


@Pervaiz Dostiyar  Thanks and this is what i am looking for . Either PS or graph . I could find only get-teamsapp cmdlets in MS team module and nothing further than this .


Appreciate you response , looking forward for other community members to respond and help.

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@Manoj Kumar  I think you should join one of the Teams AMA meetings and ask them in QnA session, where an expert from Microsoft maybe provide an option for you, besides you could open a ticket with your Microsoft Rep they could provide a solution for you.