Microsoft Teams App Bar Calendar Issue

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Howdy Folks!!


Hope everyone is busy working from home and sticked to their laptops/desktops or whatever devices you may be using but one tab must be open for Tech Community as I will be throwing lots of questions coming up from the customers end: So here is the query where Customer is unable to see the Calendar Icon in their Teams Application using for the first time! As suggested I have already applied the app policies from Teams Admin to give permission to pin the left pane with Calendar icon from Global App policy within Teams Admin. But yet the Calendar Icon is not visible in Teams Desktop App!! 


App permission policies for Calendar IconApp permission policies for Calendar Icon


Any specific reason or time frame when it will start appearing in Teams Desktop Application?? Due to the absence of this Calendar icon Customer who is having Office Business License unable to set meeting from Teams App as the Office Business doesn't include Outlook or Exchange Online Licenses!!

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These policies can take well over 24 hours to hit! When did you set them?


@adam deltinger by default it was set already but once again I have set for the customer.. Waiting for tomorrow if any issue comes up will inform you here again!!


@adam deltinger I am afraid to say but even after waiting for 24 hours being setting the App Permission Policies from Teams Admin Center The teams Desktop Client app is not getting the calendar icon. Adding the screenshot here:

Calendar Icon MissingCalendar Icon Missing


Now what next?? How should I explain to my clients? Help us out!


@Mitul Sinha: Oh, that is exactly my problem, being just a part-time admin for a small installation without deeper knowledge. Have you solved the problem? Would be great, because MS support is slow in answering and I would like to move things.





@Volker_IBA Apologies for the late response but yes if your Organisation has a hybrid Setup meaning having On-Prem Exchange with O365 Cloud and then using Teams App by AD user then you need to enable some settings from On-Prem Exchange perspective such as enabling EWS Services for Cloud Platform as Cloud works on Modern Auth and this you can setup by running the PowerShell Cmdlets as given below:


Open Windows PowerShell as an administrator and connect to Exchange Online PowerShell.

Run the Cmdlet: Get-OrganizationConfig and then check whether EwsEnabled is false.

If the value is false, run the cmdlet: Set-OrganizationConfig -EwsEnabled:$True.


Hope this resolves your issue!