Microsoft Teams and Command+w

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I'm using Microsoft Teams in Mac OS.  It is common to use command+w (cmd+w) for closing tabs and documents in an application.  In MS Teams if you press cmd+w the MS Teams window closes but there is no way to bring it back up (at least from different methods I've tried).  This means you have to close the app and then restart it.  I haven't tried waiting for a notification to appear perhaps clicking on the notification would bring the window back but I'm not sure.

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Hi Peter,


I also have a mac but the developer version in this version it works as expected. Could you check for updates?





I have "Microsoft Teams Version It was last updated on 21/06/2017." I'll check for a newer update though.
I am curious to what you mean by developer version. How do you know if you have the developer version? Anyways, I downloaded the latest from and ended up with the exact same version as before (with the same behaviour).


This happens to me all the time and I would love a resolution for it. Just to echo the original statement: "COMMAND-W" is a common keystroke in many OS X apps to close a window (e.g. to close a tab in Chrome). I inadvertently press "COMMAND-W" in Teams pretty frequently, and there's no way to recover.


This has a particularly large impact if I'm in a Teams meeting and also working in other Teams channels etc. because if I mistakenly close the Teams window then the only way to recover is to QUIT THE MEETING while I restart Teams. If it's a meeting for which I can't take the time to exit and rejoin then I don't have access to Teams channels for the duration of the meeting.