Microsoft Teams & MacOS (Specifically 13.1) - Constant issues

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We as a company are having repeated issues over many users with the Microsoft Teams app for MacOS. The issues range from the following:


- Unable to sync right now - This stops the calendar module working. 

- Freezing during meetings - The teams app will just freeze and then it will close. This happens more if screen sharing but can happen even when we are just in a meeting. 

- You open a team up and even though you have he relevant permissions to view parts of the team (confirmed with logging in on the browser and having access), it will tell a user they do not have permission to access it. 

- When using it in the browser as a backup, it uses a significant amount of resources (for context, I have an M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro, and I notice it)

- You click a meeting from the OWA calendar using Safari, this opens up in another tab and asks to open the "Microsoft Teams App", it opens the app in the meeting, you confirm your options and then click join and it just stays on connecting, I can't really say it hangs because the ". . ." moves after the word connecting but it does not connect. 


I get that I am using a Microsoft App on MacOS, but for those that need or want to run MacOS, surely there is more stability available? I wouldn't mind but I can't even run it in Safari (Even though all the other webApps from Microsoft work fine in Safari). 


Has anyone else experienced these issues?


Thanks in advance. 

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Same issue. Never got past the Welcome to Teams screen. When I select the "continue" button, nothing occurs. Not sure if there has been a change to the security requirements on either the Teams side or the Mac side but something has changed from two months ago which is the last time I sucessfully used teams for a conference call. Many people gave up trying to log into our meeting so I know it is not just my Mac having the issue. I was able to log in using my iPhone if that helps clue someone in to solving this issue. Also when I selected using the online version to connect with the meeting (instead of the app on my Mac) it displayed the message "your browser version does isn't supported. Download the desktop app." Which as I already stated is not working currently. I looked to see if my app was the current version but the app would not display the version when I selected the "about teams" menu.

@GregW1965 Yes, Teams did change last month. I have hosting webinars for a large fortune 100 company. Macs are supported by the IT services, and they are fully integrated into O365.

In January, after an update to Teams, we lost the ability to have attendees register to webinars on Macs and other apple devices. It took a month, but Microsoft found the issue and fixed it.

However, we have not had any issues with Teams as an app on macs. 

Yeah due to Safari stopping tracking, you can't use teams on Safari, which sucks, but that doesn't account for the copius amount of issues on the desktop app. I feel for you bud I really do, got issues again today (Can't sync right now, well try again soon)