Microsoft Teams | Allowing people to access meetings using just the link

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I was wondering if someone could help. I use Teams to set up candidate interviews, but simply provide them with a link to use than invite them (I do not have access to their email and with the number of candidates we have that isn't viable) However, I have recently noticed that even with "Everyone can bypass the Lobby selected", Candidates become trapped in a waiting room of sorts until I (the organiser) joins the room. I am not part of these interviews, I just organise them, so I cannot be joining these rooms. 


Anybody have a fix?






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I’d ask your admin to check the settings in the meeting policy for this

@adam deltinger Thanks for this adam - have investigated the policies and am looking at creating an individual one for me to allow anyone to access the meetings. Apparently these take 24hrs to update so fingers crossed it works. 


Any other recommendations would be much appreciated!