Microsoft Teams admin center signing out after inactivity - does this drive anyone else crazy?

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The Microsoft Teams admin center admin portal automatically signs me out after a period of inactivity. I lock my workstation every time I leave it unattended, so this "feature" doesn't provide me with any additional security. The Microsoft 365 admin center doesn't do this. Am I right that there is no way to turn this off?

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If anyone else finds this frustrating, I've created a UserVoice request here.

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The product team for Teams Admin Center is aware of this now and filed a bug (internal).


Hi @Linus Cansby, have you heard any update about this? 


Not only is the Teams admin center still signing me out after a period of inactivity, there is a new twist: if I try and sign back in from the page that is displayed after the automatic sign out, I get an error saying "AADSTS90100: login parameter is empty or not valid."

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I have the same sort of thing going on. My Teams Admin will timeout after a couple of hours. It then signs me out, I click the login to sign back in, it opens the Teams Admin page but then closes and I'm back to the sign in screen. It just loops through the same thing over and over. 

What I have found that works (which is a pain) is to delete the browser history for the past day (24hrs).