Microsoft Team Room System or not deployed by Microsoft Update

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As per the Teams Room System release notes


The above 2 release will support Modern Authentication when the doesn't.


All my meeting rooms are running the and it does not get upgraded as usual by the Microsoft Update service configured with directly to the Internet.


Could I know why MS still has not allowed this upgrade by the usual windows update process?


Could you please tell me an easy path to upgrade from at least to I have a conditional access policy to disable legacy authentication, and I need to white list all the Team room Systems accounts.


Awaiting your reply I will give my best regards





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AP, build should be rolling out now and that support Modern Auth.

@Andrea PALAZZI Wouldn't by chance know when will be fixed so it doesn't have all my Teams Rooms grey screened.... So tired of botched upgrades. Just nuked $20000 worth of VC Teams equipment that now I have to babysit because of this grey screen issue.