Microsoft Team Reporting and Meaningful Data.


Hi Experts,


We had opted Microsoft Team last year for all Daily Executives meetings (Morning and Evening).


Somewhere our executives are not 100 % satisfied with the quality of service of the team and record multiple complains regarding service, therefore, we have revamped our wireless network on Unifi devices to cater network issue we also have enough internet bandwidth.


Now we want to monitor issues more carefully with some meaningful data so if the network needs more attention so can fully fill the requirements.


As an implementation of the above, we have started tracking the issue narrowly.


I just see that if I click on any of attendees of a meeting an open meeting and calls so have a report of the call/meeting like POOR or GOOD


My few questions are :


Can we export meeting and calls data on excel so we can send a report to seniors that who has a problem?

If I click on details of the session of a user and open network so which parameters are important e.g Average round-trip time, Maximum round-trip time, Average packet loss rate, Maximum packet loss rate and what should be the normal range for a good quality call

How can we reduce the above values for a good quality call?

What are the other tools to monitor to measure Microsoft meetings/call quality?




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You should look into the Call Quality Dashboard, that is a good tool to use for reports like this. CQD stores quality information about calls and meetings for a longer period and you get reports from CQD based on that data.

I think that the easiest way to create reports is to use Power BI that connects to CQD. Microsoft also provides some Power BI reports for CQD that you can start with.

Call Quality Dashboard is a very lengthy and briefly explain based tool especially with charts and org-wise quality however I feel that in my case call analytics is the best tool that gives me insights for troubleshooting.

can we export / or get call analystics data on excel to data in some numbers based and we can apply filter based on our requirement.
No, no export possible from Call Analytics in TAC.

@Linus Cansby 

Thanks for the update.


Can you please let me known what are trigger points/factors in terms of bad network performance for Microsoft Team call analytics




The round-trip time is to high, it should be under 100ms.

Make sure that you have a local internet breakout from your site, not using proxy and use a ISP that have a good connectivity to Microsoft Network.

@Linus Cansby 


Thank you so much for sharing.


Can you please share other parameter which are important for stable network