Microsoft team record button disappeared

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I am IT admin for my organisation and since the weekend a few users have mentioned the record button has disappeared from teams. does anyone know how I can resolve this issue?

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That's interesting. Please do compare the Teams client versions between working and non working users as a first step. Assuming of course there were no policy changes that's disabled the ability to record in the first place?

@Paul Bloem  

Hi Peter. thanks for the reply. most of the people who have lost their record button are on version (64 byte) apart from one who is on and they were all last updated between today and 21st Feb. however i myself am on (64 byte) updated on 23/2/21 but i still have my record button. to be clear the issue is not that the record button is there but greyed out, but that it has disappeared altogether. Also the issue only seems to occur when people are joining a scheduled meeting they have set up in Outlook with a Teams link in it. The record button is there if it is just an ad hoc video call, called by either party. we dont think it is a policy issue. we have always allowed (indeed it is essential for our work) people to record meetings and we have over 190 staff doing all day everyday. the introduction by Microsoft of the new separate Teams 1:1 recording policy that MS announced back in Jan/Feb (and which we have already set to be on in PowerShell) doesnt come in to force till 11.3.21 so i dont think it is that. any more ideas please? thanks