Microsoft Team Mobile APP Cannot Receive Call

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Hi Microsoft Team,


I have Team APP on my mobile having problem answering incoming call.


Every time people call in will be notified that I'm unavailable (I'm actually online and available) and I will receive a missed call.


I have already enabled all the permissions of Team in my mobile setting but still didn't help.


Would be grateful if anyone can help?




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Hi there - I found a thread that is very similar to what you are experiencing with many good theories and resources to try.  I hope one of them can help.  


I'm not sure if you are using the Android client or the iOS client - they function a bit different in terms of notifications. I am also cc'ing @Srividhya Chandrasekaran in the event she has more information to provide.  

Thank you for reaching out.

@Adler_Deng What version of the app are you on? You can find this out by going to the hamburger menu in the upper left, tapping on Settings, then About. It should show you a long number beginning with 1. Can you please share that so we can look into it more?

Hi Laurie. Thanks for you reply! I'm using Android HUAWEI. I've already solved this problem by uninstalling the APP I downloaded from and reinstalling from HUAWEI Store. Still I cannot figure out why this happened, but luckily now I have Teams running normally in my mobile.
Hi Alexandra. Thanks for you reply! I'm using the latest version downloaded from and all settings properly checked. After I uninstalled it and reached HUAWEI Store to reinstall the same and this problem disappeared. The only thing I am confused about is that the Teams I got from PureApk functioned ALMOST normally only except receiving calls. Don't know what causes this problem.


I am currently facing the same issue on my Infinix Hot 10 Play Android phone.

I keep the Teams app open on the screen and call from my wife's phone and it does not ring on my Infinix phone but as soon as she disconnects the call I get a missed call notification.

This is weird because the missed call notification is instant but it does not receive incoming calls and outgoing calls can be made. --- However, I will now try as you suggested, uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Strange case but it helped. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app.