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I have a weird issue on Teams,  all my message goes all the way to the right. It is hard to see the conversation. When you type your message (The person that I am sending the message to ) is to the left of the chat window but when I type mine is on the right,  it looks terrible. I like it when it is all in the same column please?


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This is the default format and is not anything you can change either!

What you can do is go to teams uservoice and vote for some ideas there and hope Microsoft pics up! You can also create your own request if existing ones doesn’t fit:



Use the Compact chat density under the general tab in settings.

@Gabalfa Are you the reason Microsoft changed this??? This is NORMAL message alignment in a text based conversation and helps the viewer differentiate what you have typed vs what everyone else has typed; your typed message aligns to right side, while everyone else's typed message aligns to the left. Now Microsoft implemented an update so regardless all typed messages are aligned to the left side. I don't like this!!! It *may* look prettier for those who care but not user-friendly for those scrolling through a conversation thread in search of detail and message flow. @microsoft - please bring back the more user-friendly message alignment where my conversation is aligned on the right side of the screen. There IS a reason our smartphones organize message conversations like this, RIGHT?!?!

@KenTraveler look under settings, Comfy will give you left and right text boxes, Compact will put them all on the left.