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I have scheduled one MS team meeting. Later I have scheduled another similar meeting copying the link/detail from the previous meeting.  Now I am not able to cancel first meeting as 2nd meeting is active with the same detail/link.


Now I want to update 2nd meeting with a new meeting link/details.  please help how to update? 


Thanks in advance



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It should be the easiest option to just create a new one. You can copy the attendants from the old meeting though. In most cases it is best practice to not copy one meeting join link into multiple meetings.





Thank you for your reply. I agree I did wrong copying the previous meeting.


Now, I can create new one copying all attendees. However, I'm not able to cancel the old meeting (with same id/link details) since there is 1 more active meeting with same link/details. 


If I cancel the old meeting, it get cancelled/deleted for the organizer only and not updating all attendees and also attendees didn't receive cancel notification.  That is why I am trying to find whether I can update other meetings with new link/details.


- Mala

@Malas1665 The links to join a meeting are generate during creation process, so there is no way to create a link seperately. 


You can try to make the meeting a "non Teams meeting" and after that make it "Teams Meeting" again, but this is guessing I can't test it right now.



Thank you. I'm not sure how to make "non-teams meeting".. Tried but no option.


- Mala