Microsoft team is not working on iphone

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Microsoft team is working on laptop but all of sudden it stopped working on iPhone
I am using Microsoft’s Authenticator but it’s redirecting me again into song in page and saying “sign in error” please try again

M really frustrated with this app
Please help me

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Does your organization utilize Intune for Mobile Device Management? If they do, you should not be prompted for your password our kicked out of your meetings. I'd reach out to your support staff for help on registering your device with Intune. 

I was getting odd sign in issues earlier today, I think there may have been a problem somewhere on the authentication side of the fence causing issues, seems to have gone away thou. Assume you are working again?

Hi - I have been using Microsoft Teams both on my laptop and iPhone for last few months. Couple of weeks ago suddenly it stopped working on iPhone though it is working fine on laptop. JFYI, I also have Skype for Business on my laptop and iphone and they are working fine. 

My organization uses Microsoft Authenticator and when I try and login to Teams on iphone, it takes me to my org page and asked for global password, which then does MFA thru Symantec's VIP access and after approving it, I get 'sign-in error'. 
I have uninstalled Teams and all other work applications (Outlook, Skype & Authenticator) and re-installed, restarted my iphone but the problem doesn't go away. My IT helpdesk tried several things and nothing worked and now they are asking me to do a factory reset of my iPhone, which I'm wary of doing.

Is there a way this issue can be addressed without factory reset? I'm really frustrated and is impacting my productivity from this productivity app!