(MICROSOFT TEAM) image not visible in chat

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Suddenly we faced a problem with viewing the team's image. All users have the same problem. 


All platforms: Mac, Windows, Mobile Android, Apple IOS


Any solution!



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Hate to be the guy to do this, but: us too. Web or Desktop
Exact Same thing for us! Desktop
Same here, also Skype just got updated with the same bug! :\
same here :(
Yes, same issue in stockholm, is it a Global issue ?


Same issue in our domain - looks like a global issue :\


Seems like a sign out and sign in fixes the issue (clears some caches maybe?)

I guess they just hot reloaded the new version :o

Same here in Brazil.

Yeah, after a restart of TEAMS, it looks fine now :)

No permanent solution I can find anywhere. Same problem of course. Microsoft is silent on this too

@Ben_Ball it's super annoying.... but the quickest workaround at the moment is to switch to another conversation, then back, voila the image is visible again.... Really wish they could stabilize Teams soon!

I wish that was the case, but I'm talking about when you click on the image to enlarge it (which 100% of the time is required since it's usually a screenshot of small text), it will not appear no matter what I do anymore
It's what i meant, for me when that happens i just click on another chat/conversation, then back to the chat with the image, then in 99% of the cases it will then open the the full image ;)