Microsoft Team Calendar and Outlook PDL Integration

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Is there a way to link a Microsoft Teams Channel with an already established Outlook PDL (Distribution) List? We have a list of people that are in a group at work and we use this list to send out emails, invites, etc. I have created a Teams Channel for this same group, but I am wondering if there is a way to get the group's calendar to show up in Teams without having to manually create the event each time. Any advice is appreciated and thank you!



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@AmandaBakken What is this group? If it is an Office 365 Group then you can create a new Team from the Office 365 group and kinda have the same calendar.


Teams Channel calendar tab would use the same calendar, but it's a filter (per channel) so you won't see the existing appointments in Teams.



@Steven Collier It is a distribution group that HR has set up. I can ask, but would guess it is an Office 365 group. If the group email sets up an event, will this event show up in the Teams calendar?

@AmandaBakken Did you resolve it? i too have the same challenge