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Hi i have a Microsoft stream permission question we recorded a video in a meeting and some of the people can see the video and watch it but some of the people in the team cannot what would the issue be also i am the owner of the team and this just shows up grey in the chat and when i click on the link to watch the stream it says i dont have permission for this video how do i go about making it so everyone can view this stream as they are all members of the team and in the meeting 

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Hi @Andytf2678

See here for permissions and who can view video recordings

Sounds like this was a recording in a private meeting recording. The recorder, who is the owner of the video, will need to go into Stream and add permissions for those who need to view it.

If you want everyone within a particular Team to view a video then the recording will need to be in a channel meeting as opposed to a private meeting. Otherwise, if it is a private meeting dive straight into Stream after the recording finishes and add the users who need to see it (or make the video companywide)

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris