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Hi all,


My company has been using Microsoft Teams for quite a while and we are hoping to migrate our current time clock system to Microsoft Shifts. We did our own research, however, we cannot come to a conlusion that if Shifts is capable of performing the following task:


  1. Ability to restrict overtime. Once an employee gets to X amount of hours, restrict punch in without a manager's override.
  2. Ability for admin/department heads to easily view hours for each employee. A quick report to see hours worked.
  3. Ability for admin to see who is punched in. A who is here list.
  4. Ability for admin to see who is not punched in based on being scheduled. A quick report or even better, an alert if someone didn’t show up for work based on their schedule.
  5. Set up some users to use geo fencing and some not. Just want to make sure this isn’t a global setting and can be done on a user level.
  6. Restrict users from punching in and out if not on schedule. Can be authorized by manager. Not a global setting but on individual basis.
  7. Ability to automate payroll reports. Not sure if this has to be synced to Microsoft HR.
  8. Ability to enter different job codes. Presently, we have people assigned to departments, but when they cross over to help in other departments, they punch into that department's job code. This tracks labour hours against the department they actually are doing the work in.


Your help is greatly appreciated!



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