Microsoft Loop - I don't see live component on my MS Teams

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Hello, is anyone else having this trouble? I don't see "Live Component" on my MS Teams.


This is supposedly called the "Microsoft Loop" in 2022.




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Last time I checked, Loop was still a preview feature, you can find more info in this post
Is your tenant at least in targeted release? If not, that migth be the cause you are not seeing the loop components. I can see them, but I have the public preview configured in my test tenants

I finally got Loop to work in Teams. I had to change my Teams Policy from "Follow Office" to "Enable" After about 3 hours , I signed out of Teams and back in and I could switch to Preview in Teams Desktop.

You should see in in Public Preview, but user must switch to that mode manual in their Teams client.

@Linus Cansby 

I'm not in my preview, but you can see the live next to attachement icon. my version is



@AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV Then your tenant been updated and you don't have to switch to Public Preview to see it. This is rolled out on the severs so client version is not relevant.