Microsoft Lists Tab in Teams APP not pulling list

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I have users getting this message when trying to access a Microsoft list via mobile Teams App. Most of the members on the team can access however some see this below


I have had the ones that are getting above message 

  • log out and log back in- didnt work
  • Uninstall and reinstall teams app - didn't work
  • Removed member and added to team and channel- didn't work
  • access from desktop app- worked

Any other troubleshooting ideas to get the link to load for them in the mobile app?





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We are met with the same issue at my organization. We reached out to Microsoft and they stated:

We've confirmed that is an ongoing outage, and the team has already fixed the issue in the iOS app. To set you the expectation, it will take around ~3 weeks to reach the App Store. In the meantime, we have the standalone Microsoft lists app available for iOS. I recommend installing it as a workaround. 

Another workaround we used was creating a SharePoint tab and accessing the list that way. This issue appears to be only impacting IOS users.

Example List:




Error shown:



Teams version:


I hope this helps!