Microsoft LifeCam Issue After Teams Update

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Prior to the most recent Teams update, my webcam properly adjusted the brightness during Team's video calls. Following the update everything appears dark on video conferences and adjusting the settings appears to have no impact on the issue.


Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit)

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Driver Version: 10.0.16299.15

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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I'm having the exact same issue. I can be in a meeting in Teams and toggle between my Lifecam Cinema and the OEM camera in my laptop and they are night and day (pun intended). The Lifecam is extremely dark.

Did you get any resolution on this issue?

Hi Ron. So my IT department actually came and installed a new video card in my PC. That appeared to fix the issue, but after a couple of weeks the same exact thing happened. Camera appeared very dark in Team's meetings and elsewhere. It actually ended up being the Microsoft camera itself. They recently ordered me a new one. After we replaced the video card and the issue occurred again, we realized that it was actually the physical camera. Not sure if yours is still under warranty, but since your laptop camera is working it sounds like you may be experiencing the same problem. Best of luck!

@Brian Zimmerman  I'm experiencing a similar issue with my LifeCam, but it seems to be related to the Microsoft Camera application (which seems to be used by Teams).  I say this because I don't have any problems when I use the same camera with Zoom.  I've also noticed that video feedback is slow with the Microsoft Camera app.  Again, all is good with Zoom.  The LifeCam also works well with Skype; however, the image is kind of dark, while Zoom seems to adjust the brightness correctly.  I've logged feedback on this to Microsoft.  Hopefully they will have a fix for this reasonably soon.

@Brian Zimmerman 

Two year later, I have the same issue. 

Lifecam Cinema, MSTeams, (64-bit), Windows 1909.

Camera works great in other apps, (Camera App, Skype-For-Business, WebEx), but in MSTeams it often defaults to very dark, and may or may not adjust, eventually.

@Brian ZimmermanGreetings. I am facing the same problema described with teams. The LifeCam Cinema HD is dark in Teams. In other apps is working fine.  I will appreciate your help

SOLUTION FOUND:  For anyone still having this issue, I've determined a solution... go into the Camera app (Start > Camera).  In the camera settings, change the Video Quality to 1080p.  I found that it was set to 4K by default and when I changed to 1080p, the results in Teams was much better.

@Brian Zimmerman 


I found a kludgy solution. What worked for me was to use the camera control in Skype for Business (a product that actually gives you the ability to configure the software):


Skype for Business - Options --> Video Device --> Camera Settings, Camera Control TAB, Configure/Tweak "Exposure"



There is a known issue with the older version of Edge where the webcam video can be rotated sideways. This issue is resolved in newer Edge (Chromium version). You can upgrade to the new version of Edge here.

I also have the microsoft lifecam cinema, and this semester all my classes are in teams, but it's so dark that nobody can see me. This problem ONLY happens in teams, it looks great in every other app that uses it. I've tried every fix I can find except buying a new camera.

@Brian Zimmerman 



I have had this issues on some client machines, the only "Workaround" that I have found that works is:


Open Teams and join the meeting with the camera on (This will join the meeting with the video dark)

Once the meeting is joined.

Open the windows 10 Camera App (Should be installed by default with windows 10) and once the app opens this should automatically readjust your team camera darkness \ settings and should appear as normal.

Hope this helps in the meanwhile until this issues is resolved by Microsoft... 


Just recently I have also rolled back the drivers for the integrated camera in device manager and this seems to have resolved the issue.... Currently testing but will update in a couple of days


This is what It rolled back to once I did a roll back driver.... Maybe try with an older driver?








I tried your suggestion of joining a Teams Meeting with dark video and then opening the Camera app. The camera app just freeze and has a blank screen.. This did not resolve the issue.


As people have already said.. This issue is for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft webcam.. The webcam works perfectly with Zoom....





Exactly the same issue here from everyone else, but I found a workaround that seems to be good until now...

I'm using the app it allows to create a virtual cam to Microsoft Teams.


So I select the Xsplit Vcam as the Camera on the Teams Meetings, and on the Xplit Vcam I select my Microsoft LifeCam. The interface of the Xplit allow to configure many settings, like the exposure / brightness of the camera, contrast, etc...

Also, the Background works much better on the Xplit VCam.


The cons is that it requires more power machine since there are two apps running...

@MSerigo Your solutions works fine here. The only thing is that the camera reverts to its dark setting when going in and out of Teams.
But I can live with that!


@Benson_Jaocb  Good afternoon, did you manage to fix the LifeCam Studio problem?